About Dropouts Cycle Club

Dropouts started in 2010 with a blog to document a love of riding fixed gear bikes with friends in the city of Bristol.  The quest to find an old bike with dropouts suitable to make a fixed gear out of was continuous. Although Bristol has many bike shops, none were stocking the desirable and hard-to-find components needed to build a quality track bike to ride around the streets.

Riding a fixed gear bike in a busy city with no brakes was a gateway into the cycling world for many people including the founders of Dropouts. Riding bikes that have been customised to the finest detail, stripping away everything that was unnecessary to leave a pure, aesthetically stunning machine that would engage with the rider in a way that no other bicycle could – This is riding fixed, it’s what we love.

In 2011 Dropouts opened its doors stocking a select range of bicycles, components and accessories. Over the years the shop has evolved and through events, film nights and weekly rides has concreted itself as the most beautiful looking bike shop in the city with a strong customer base all of whom share the same passion for cycling. Staying true to the roots and original ethos Dropouts is one of few remaining fixed gear emporiums standing strong in the UK.

Today dropouts is much more than Bristol’s fixie shop, we will always stock high end track bike components but as our enthusiasm for cycling has evolved so has our product range. We now focus on building custom bicycles for a range of cycling disciplines, assembling a customers dream bike, component by component. Whether it be a relaxed tourer or hardcore crit racer we can help you build your new favourite bike.

In 2015 we started Dropouts Cycle Club a way to unite a new generation of cyclists. Every member of the dropouts team is a passionate cyclist weather it be using a bicycle simply for commuting or racing in road, cross and criterium events across the country. The cycle club is active and inclusive, designed to support a city of like-minded, passionate cyclists.

Dropouts is a hub for Bristol’s Cyclists, a place you can trust when your beloved steed needs some TLC as well as an emporium of high end bikes and components found no where else in the city. We organise regular rides and events to solidify our relationship with the people that support us.

With lots planned for the future, we hope to see you soon.